As Directioners, we all have our problems with the fandom - whether they are good or bad. This is a place where we, as a whole fandom (that means no discrimination on our part) are allowed to post what problems we have with the fandom/boys/what have you.
For example, it could be a serious problem, like how sometimes we take it too far (admit it, we do!) or it could be something as silly as constantly listening to/thinking/talking about One Direction!
If you'd like to submit anonymously, feel free to use the ask box!

Hi everyone! x

I apologize for the lack of posts, I don’t really want this account to die down so if any of you have any requests feel free to leave a message and I’ll work on getting it done within a week or so. thank you lovelies!


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thislarry-love: hello der! :) would you mind checking out my blog and fanfic(larry)/imagines? I started a few days ago and your advice would be amazing <3 thankyou, big love xps; OMG MY LARRY FEELS AT THE MOMENT ARE LEGIT KILLING ME!!! THEY ARE SO AMAZING AND I CAN'T SLEEP BECAUSE OF HOW PERFECT THEY ARE AND OMG.

Hello, love! I will follow you with my 1D (youhavealwaysbeentheonly1d) blog does that sound okay? :) and oh my gawd, I know exactly how you feel. I’m so nervous/excited for this rumored interview, I can’t really function properly. I was completely overwhelmed a couple of minutes ago.


flymewayuphigh: OMG Sorry i am dieing and i need to talk to someone about Larry!!!! Are you dieing? tell me im not the only one!

yesyesyes! thank you. Im freaking out so much I want to cry. I was gone all day and I come back to all of this and I can’t handle it quite honestly. You are most definitely the only one! I’m here to talk all night. No joke

-Angie x

Anonymous: The reason I'm not for Nick showing 1D's year in the making is because Directionators. Simple as that. They are gonna prance around "freaking out" and now they are gonna claim to be big fans. It just irks me because that was like the real Directioners one thing and Nick has taken that away.

I completely agree with you! I feel like AYITM was kinda like our own little fandom secret and only fans that truly loved them knew about it and now it’s just going to be exposed for everyone to see. 


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